Reliable Mold Inspections NY

Reliable Mold Inspections in New York

When you find yourself in a situation where Mold was found in your home, it can be stressful to find a reliable company to inspect your mold issue and guide you through remediation. Unfortunately, there are some companies out there using clients in their time of need by price gouging, suggesting work (to be performed by them, of course) that is not necessary, and plain old taking advantage.  Read more

Mold In the News

Mold In The News

Welcome to another installment of Mold in the news! A story from hits home this week as children (and parents) prepare to go back to school with reports of Mold found in schools that had mold issues the previous year. While many may rush to judgment on the school system, it’s important to note that this year, the same school district voluntarily re-tested to ensure schools will be able to open on time this year and pose no health threat to the children and staff. One report suggests that the culprit is an old heating/ventilation system that is not properly removing moisture from the air.  Read more

New York NYS Licensed Mold Assessor

NYS Licensed Mold Assessor Responsibilities

Finding mold in your home or place of work can leave you asking yourself many questions, among the first is “who do I call?”. Many business or homeowners find themselves going online for help and even after help from Google may have questions about the new legalities revolving mold assessment, inspection, and remediation that went into place on January 1st, 2016. These new laws help to further establish responsibilities of NYS Licensed Mold Assessors as well as NYS Licensed Remediation Contractors and protect consumers. For more information on the law, check out our blog post-New York State Mold Bill January 1, 2016 Read more

mold in your basement

Is there Mold in your Basement?

The basement is a dark, generally unventilated and moisture laden area of most homes. In basements, floods happen, pipes are prone to leakage, humidity is usually uncontrolled and air flow is stagnant. These conditions are just perfect for mold to originate and proliferate, in fact, the basement is one of the most common places to find mold.

Although you may run down the stairs to throw in a load of laundry, grab totes out of storage or move unused household items down for storage, how much time do you really spend in your basement? Now is the time to do so, the summer is rapidly heating up, and with all of the rain that Northern New Jersey has been experiencing lately, you should really go do a moisture check in the basement.


  • Go down into your basement and turn on the lights, check for visible mold.
  • Do the smell check! Check for that initial mildew smell when you open the door.
  • Look closely at any plumbing and the materials around it, are they wet or discolored

If you already can see mold in your basement on the walls or carpet, you can bet there is more to be found. For all of the health risks that mold can cause, you want to make sure that you do something now to stop and prevent mold growth in your basement. Although there are many DIY mold killers on the internet, from vinegar to bleach and hydrogen peroxide to boric acid, you should know that all molds are not created equal. These harmful ingredients can also be dangerous to work with both on contact and when inhaled.

Our recommendation is that you find a trusted professional to deal with the problem. Our mold inspection team will inspect and locate the cause or causes of the mold development and can advise on how to best mitigate and whom to call to remove it.

Don’t attempt to take on your basement mold by yourself, employ a professional to test and locate the mold. Call us today for a quote in New York at (845) 215-9258 or in New Jersey at (201)733-0091.


Allergies? Consider Allergen Testing

You’re hearing it everywhere and from everyone, this allergy season is terrible! When a bad allergy season arrives, sufferers choose to stay inside away from the allergens that trigger their symptoms. What if your symptoms don’t go away when you are “safely inside?” It could mean that there are allergens inside your home triggering your symptoms. While it may be dust, dander or other allergens triggering you, it can also be Mold.  Read more

vacation home

Checking for Mold in Your Vacation Home

July is here and the first weekend we have in the 80s in New Jersey is upon us. Many will be heading to their vacation home, shore home or cottages. As a mold inspector, I can’t stress how big of a problem mold can be in vacation homes. It is important that the public is aware of what to look for and how to prevent it.

Read more

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Preparation

Households in NY/NJ are preparing for Memorial Day Weekend by getting out the patio furniture, life jackets, vests and bathing suits. This time of year, we haul the patio furniture out which includes cushions, pillows and umbrellas. Hm..whats that there? Do you see small black freckle spots on these items? What is that? Read more


Our Mission: Ensure you are taken care of

Many years in the Mold business has taught me many lessons. I realize that when I am out in the field performing New York State Mold Assessor inspections, I am teaching others lessons as well. Too many times I arrive on a job to perform an inspection for a client only to find out they have paid in full and thought their job was complete, only to be failed by my inspection.  Read more