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Four things you should know about Mold Inspection

Did you know that Mold isn’t always visible? That’s right, sometimes, mold doesn’t give us a glaring sign that it’s living among us. In fact, there are many species of mold that live in our homes and workplaces that are not harmful and are just part of our environment. The problem comes when you have a mold species that is harmful or potentially harmful to health. If you didn’t know that fact about mold, read on for four more things that you should know about Mold Inspection. Read more

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Upcoming Webinar: Asthma 101

At HNST, we recognize that one of our customers top concerns is the health and safety of their families. That is why we strive to alert our readers about the possible health issues associated with mold exposure as well as from improper indoor air quality. Over the past few years, we’ve highlighted Asthma in our blogs to ensure that our readers realize the facts. You can read our previous Asthma Blogs here.

On Wednesday, April 4th, the Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) team up with the University of Tulsa, Northern Arizona Universit, and the US EPA Region 9 to present to you their first webinar in their series about Asthma.

Included in the series will be the basics of Asthma, the physiology involved, statistics and prevalence as well as triggers, tips for reducing triggers and specific actions that can be put into place to provide a healthy home framework. Future topics in the series aim to cover research, cleaning practices for homes and schools, home and school assessments and funding for asthma activities and healthy cleaning practices.

We hope you will reserve your seat for this webinar and share it with your family, friends and loved ones. The more that we are aware of our indoor air quality and how it can affect us as people, the more vigilant we can be in preventing exposure.

Sign up for the webinar or get more information by clicking here.

We look forward to continuing to empower the public with knowledge whenever we can. If you suspect you have an indoor air quality issue or could possibly have mold in your home, call us today!

What Customers Say About HNST Mold Inspections

When you’ve got a potentially dangerous situation inside of your home such as an infestation of mold, you don’t take any chances. That’s why most people go online to look for testimonials, ratings, and reviews of companies.  I always read my reviews so that I can see what my customers think of my work and what they’re saying about me. I am always happy to see the many reviews that I have are positive and it reassures me that I’m staying true to my mission.

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Can you Smell Mold?

Every homeowner or parent wants to make sure that their home is the safest for the people residing inside it. Taking extra time to keep up with routine home maintenance, preventing further issues from arising, and keeping everyone inside healthy. When it comes to mold issues, sometimes you may not see the mold, but you should ask the question can you smell mold?  Read more

when it rains, it molds?

When it Rains, it Molds?

Mold grows quickly on and around areas that are continually exposed to moisture. Therefore, if you’ve got a leak or a moisture issue that you haven’t address in your home or on a property you own you should check for mold. When it rains, it molds is a funny way to remember the connection between mold and moisture. After a heavy rain, it will be evident in your home or building structure where the issues are, they’ll be wet, damp or leaking. If you find one of the three, its time for a Mold Inspection. Read more


Use your dehumidifier properly

Attempting to prevent or reduce your exposure to mold starts with an assessment of your home. When it turns moisture issue is being a breeding grounds for mold growth, removing mold isn’t the fix, moisture needs to be eliminated first. Using a dehumidifier can be helpful especially in basements, bathrooms, and attics. Read on to learn how to use your dehumidifier properly.  Read more

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HNST Mold Inspections – Experience, Quality of Expertise, Personalized Service

Being in the Mold Inspections business for over 14 years now, some ask why I haven’t expanded and grown into something larger with more employees. This is one of the easiest questions for me to answer, we all hear the buzz words about “small business” but what does that actually mean?  Well, in the end, the reason I don’t grow my team is to provide you the customer, quicker turn around times, personalized service, quality of expertise and experience.  Read more

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Thank you for 7 Incredible Years

Dear HNST Family,

Looking forward to 2018, I would be remiss if I didn’t reflect back on the past 7 years since founding HNST Mold Inspections. Through the years there have been up’s and downs, but the constant has been the values that HNST Mold Inspections was built on. My vision to be an independent consultant and to help my clients by focusing strictly on the Mold Inspection and Assessment side of the industry has not wavered. I still strive to provide my clients with the highest level of personalized service while providing honest and unbiased opinions and solutions with detailed documentation of their situations. Read more

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Say Goodbye to Bathroom Mold!

You may have no idea that mold is lurking in your bathroom. Its interesting, mold can be hiding in plain sight and you might not even recognize it! Unfortunately, the bathroom is one of the Mold’s favorite places to hide and grow, so it’s important for any home or business to pay attention and to act quickly if mold is recognized.  Read more


4 Mold Facts You Might Not Know

Do you or your family members experience sensitivity to exposure to mold? If yes, then it is past time for you to address the mold issue in your home. It’s easy to shut a cabinet or forget about the basement mold with “out of sight – out of mind” mentality, but when a member of your families health is in jeopardy there is no time for hiding. If you don’t know already, mold can be harmful! Read on for 4 mold facts you might not know. Read more