Allergies? Consider Allergen Testing

You’re hearing it everywhere and from everyone, this allergy season is terrible! When a bad allergy season arrives, sufferers choose to stay inside away from the allergens that trigger their symptoms. What if your symptoms don’t go away when you are “safely inside?” It could mean that there are allergens inside your home triggering your symptoms. While it may be dust, dander or other allergens triggering you, it can also be Mold. 

Although we primarily tout ourselves as your premier Mold Inspection company in New York and New Jersey, Mold Inspection is not the only thing we do! We are proud to offer allergen testing for our clients. Our years in the business have led us to realize that allergen testing is just as important and its now a  part of our full spectrum approach to mold testing in the home.

When we talk to our clients and they express that their allergy symptoms are correlated with time spent indoors, we see a red flag. This means that there is a possibility that mold is what is causing the symptoms, however, we never overlook other allergens which are very possibly causing symptoms such as pet dander, dust mites, bacteria, ozone, chemicals or other air pollutants.

We can use a mold sample, air sample or dust sample to test for allergens. We look for pollen, wood, plant, synthetic and fiberglass fibers, insects, soot and silica among a broad assortment of other possible allergens. Of course, we also look for any sign of mold as well.

Particulate Matter, or small particles found in the air can get suspended for long periods of time. They can be directly emitted into the air or created through chemical reactions. Particulate matter comes in many sizes, anything less than 10 micrometers can pose risks to your health by being inhaled into the respiratory system.

If you are experiencing allergy symptoms that seem to be correlated with being indoors rather than outside, call us for an inspection and consultation. Let us figure out what the problem is and guide you to the next step of getting rid of it quickly so that you get come back to breathing clean air.

For more information on our allergen testing services, please visit our allergen testing page. If you’d prefer to talk in person, please visit our contact page and use the mode of communication that works best for you. We know allergies can ruin your summer, so take care of it now by calling today!


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