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Basement Mold

While mold doesn’t discriminate where it originates, and largely spreads fast, the cellar is one of the most common areas where mold grows. For some, the basement is a place they rarely go. Perhaps you run down and throw in a load of wash, or put a box of old clothes down for storage, but do you spend any actual time downstairs? Do you turn on the light and look around when you go into the basement? Do you see mold and figure it can’t be that bad? It would be worth it for you to look twice next time you’re down there.

Because the basement is an area that is dark, unventilated, and prone to moisture, mold grows happily. Basements flood, pipes leak, humidity is uncontrolled and air flow is halted. All of these things lead to only more mold growth. If you see mold on the walls, carpet or on anything stored in the cellar, you can bet there is more to be found. For all of the health risks that mold can cause, you want to make sure that mold growth is not happening if your basement, compromising the health of your family.

There are many DIY Mold killers out there, some suggest vinegar, and others bleach. What is important to know is that there are different types of mold and they cannot all be treated the same! Bleach can reduce spreading of mold, but does not effectively kill it. Boric Acid is recommended by some, but this is a powerful caustic material, if you get it on your skin you can be burned, not to mention the lack of ventilation in the basement can harm you.

Our recommendation is that you trust a professional to deal with the problem. Our mold inspection team will locate the cause or causes of the mold development and will advise on how to best mitigate and whom to call to remove it. Mold also grows in different places, so we check the whole basement top to bottom to make sure there are not multiple signs of mold growth, water damage or compromised areas.

Don’t attempt to take on your basement mold by yourself, employ a professional to test and locate the mold. Don’t wait any longer to determine out what is genuinely in your basement, call us today for a quote.

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