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Breaking Down the Mold Program

The 2016 Mold Program is responsible for enforcing Article 32 of the New York State Labor Law. Basically, the program establishes licensing requirements and minimum standards for mold assessment and remediation throughout the state. These types of programs can be hard to understand to the average eye, so the professionals here at HNST Mold Inspections are hoping to simplify the process by breaking it down for you.

First of all, the 2016 Mold Program helps to protect you, the consumer, by placing a requirement on contractors to obtain specific training and licensing in order to perform mold assessment, remediation or abatement services.
Secondly, without the proper licensing contractors are not allowed to advertise or perform covered work. There are, in some cases, limited exceptions to this including home or business owners doing work on their own properties.
Lastly, the molding program establishes minimum work standards for mold assessments and remediation by licensed professionals.

The Department of labor has provided this handy Mold Assessment and Remediation Fact Sheet to help consumers in New York State understand the new required mold practices and stay informed. A quick view of the fact sheet provides the most basic information on what mold is, information about remediation, tips on hiring a mold professional, and information on assessments.

As an NYSDOL licensed Assessor, HNST Mold Inspections would be happy to assist you with your mold issues. We feel it is our duty to keep you informed of the 2016 Mold Program and what it means to you.

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