compliance with mold law

Compliance with the Mold Program

The new New York Mold program is setting new standards for mold assessments and remediations being carried out by licensed professionals throughout New York State. Consumers should be aware of these new standards for their own protection when dealing with Mold.

The new minimum work standards are as follows:
⦁ Prohibiting performance of assessment and remediation on the same property by the same individual
⦁ Requiring independent mold assessments to include a definition of the scope of the remediation to be performed
⦁ Identification of disinfectant product
⦁ Provision of personal protection equipment, as necessary, to employees
⦁ Requiring posted notices of the project and contractors licenses on site; and
⦁ Satisfactory completion of post-remediation assessment

These standards help to protect against fraud and protect consumers. If you believe you have been taking advantage of or would like to report a complaint, please contact your district’s office. New York City District (212) 775-3532.

HNST Mold Inspections is proud to hold an NYSDOL Mold Assessor License and provides service to New York as well as New Jersey. If you are looking for a reliable Mold Assessor, please fill out our contact form or call us at the most convenient number for you. Our New York office can be reached by calling 845-215-9258.

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