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Four things to know about mold inspection!

With the prevalence of natural disasters, from Hurricane Sandy to our multiple winter storms, New Jersey home and business owners are worried about the possibility of the presence of mold. Since mold doesn’t always give us a glaring sign that it’s around, often it is the best course of action after any water event, to get a mold inspection.

There are a lot of people out there doing mold inspections, charging unreasonable prices and eluding people on their expertise. Since we have years of experience with this process and are proud to say our customers are happy with our work, we want to share four tips for preparing for a mold inspection.

  1. Know your Inspector: ALWAYS do your own investigation of the company you will be using. Check their website and their testimonials or reviews. Ask if they have any credentials or certificates that you can see in order to ensure you are getting quality work.
  2. Timing is important: Don’t trust the guy who comes in and gives you a report in 30 minutes. An inspection can take hours. The amount of time it takes for a thorough investigation will save you in the long run as you will know without a doubt what the conclusion is at the end.
  3. Sample Testing: Sampling is not always required, so if your inspector is tacking on extra fees for a sample, question their reasoning.
  4. The Process: Your home and business are a very important investment. That is why it’s important to do an in depth investigation. Be certain that your inspector is not just scratching the surface.

Our mold inspections are always thorough and our inspectors leave no stone unturned. Starting with a visual inspection, we then create a moisture map of your home or business using up to date equipment. We also check for ongoing leaks as well as areas with moisture. We always start with the least invasive measures that we can and work from there. It is important that we rule out any contamination and dangers in order to keep you out of danger.


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