How Quickly Does Mold Grow After Water Damage?

Experiencing an unexpected water event in your home is a problem no homeowner looks forward to dealing with. Either from a flood, leaks in the roof, or a burst pipe, water damage always seems to cause a heap of trouble. Not only does water damage cause integrity issues with the structure of your home such as construction material, but it can also ruin your furniture, carpeting and other items in your household. As if that wasn’t enough, it can also be the beginning of a mold issue as mold grows quickly when given wet conditions. How quickly does mold grow after water damage?

Unfortunately, even though you may think you had a small water event which didn’t cause much damage to your property, any amount of water or moisture accumulation can lead to mold growth. Since mold is free floating in the air in the way of mold spore, as soon as it reaches a moist environment, it is there that it starts to grow.

Typical places to spot mold growing after a water event are:

  • Drywall
  • Paint
  • Wall Paper
  • Insulation
  • Any Porous Organic Materials

Mold can propagate and grow in just 24-48 hours after a water event. Once it takes hold, it grows and spreads usually becoming quite obviously visible in about two weeks. It spreads quickly and releases more spores into the air which are left floating until they too find their perfectly moist environment.

At HNST Mold Inspections, we stress that it is very important to get your home inspected for mold after any water event in your home. From flooding to a recently discovered leak in the roof, getting your home evaluated for mold growth is key to stopping the spread and preventing larger remediation necessary issues.

This time of year is wet and is the perfect time for you to inspect your attic and basement for any leaks or areas of excess moisture. If you find an ongoing issue and would like a mold inspection at your home, give us a call today!




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