Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend Preparation

Households in NY/NJ are preparing for Memorial Day Weekend by getting out the patio furniture, life jackets, vests and bathing suits. This time of year, we haul the patio furniture out which includes cushions, pillows and umbrellas. Hm..whats that there? Do you see small black freckle spots on these items? What is that?

Well, unfortunately, ITS MOLD!

Whether you’re at the lake house, down the shore, or in the woods, most can relate to this finding when unpacking stored items from the winter. Heavy rain, high humidity and damp areas that we store such as cabins and sheds help to facilitate mold growth. While you may be able to simply wash, bleach or spray something to mediate the issue for the summer, its what you do in preparation for next summer that matters!

Prepare Now:

  • Check the place that you store your items in, is it moist and damp? If so, you’ll want to find a new place to store your cushions, pillows and umbrellas next year to protect them from moisture
  • If you keep these items in your basement, consider using a dehumidifier to reduce humidity during the summer months. There are plenty of options and price points out there.
  • Put away these items at the end of the season after a thorough wash and let them dry completely before storing
  • If you can, store them in a plastic air-tight cabinet or vacuum seal them in a storage bag for extra protection

Mold living in your home or workplace can be hazardous enough to your health. Sometimes, a dehumidifier, bleach and preparation isn’t enough when a problem already exists. Remediation of mold as soon as you notice it is the key to protection. Call us today if you find mold in your home, cabin or lake house whether you are in Westchester or Rockland Counties of New York or Bergen County New Jersey we service both states!

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