mold in schools

Mold In Schools

Perhaps you’ve seen the following stories on the news:

Mold is being found in schools all over the New York area and it seems that it’s becoming a wider problem than most of the public even knows. Of course, parents worry about sending their kids to school for a variety of reasons, but should they have to worry about Mold?

In most cases, Mold was discovered during air and surface sampling of certain materials in the school including surfaces like ceiling tiles. Perhaps there were warning signs earlier that may have prevented delay of school, but in the end, the warning signs such as mysterious stains on ceiling tiles, and musty odor are some of the earliest signs you have of mold.

When musty odor and stains on the ceiling start showing through you can bet you already have an issue, whether it be just a leak, or perhaps something more sinister such as mold. It is important that once these signs are identified, a proper investigation is done into the cause of the issue. Fixing leaks, can be the simple fix and getting to a leak quickly can help to prevent further issues such as damage to other permanent structures in the building or mold growth.

If you are a property manager or personnel in charge of keeping a school or office building in working order and have noticed ongoing leaking, musty odor, staining on walls, ceiling tiles or other surfaces, don’t ignore the signs. Take action to get leaks checked and samples of air and surfaces performed by a professional such as HNST Mold Inspections. Owner and operator John Skelly has the experience and skills to inspect and test your building and provide a report detailing what measures need to be taken.

Call HNST Mold Inspections today at (845)-215-9258 and take the steps necessary to ensure whatever building you are in charge of is kept mold free.

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