Mold In the News

Mold In The News

Welcome to another installment of Mold in the news! A story from hits home this week as children (and parents) prepare to go back to school with reports of Mold found in schools that had mold issues the previous year. While many may rush to judgment on the school system, it’s important to note that this year, the same school district voluntarily re-tested to ensure schools will be able to open on time this year and pose no health threat to the children and staff. One report suggests that the culprit is an old heating/ventilation system that is not properly removing moisture from the air. 

The take home message that we want to point out is the importance of addressing moisture issues when dealing with mold. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, mold THRIVES and GROWS with moisture! That means, that any of the following can cause proliferation of mold:


  • Malfunctioning Air Conditioning or HVAC Systems
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Faults in Design or Construction
  • Lack of Maintenance on Roof or Basement

If a previous mold issue has happened in the home or building, evaluation of all carpeting, furniture, and porous surfaces should be done to ensure no spores or growth have already taken hold. If evidence is found, these items should be removed properly and replaced after the cause of moisture has been addressed. Whether you are a property owner, business owner, homeowner or renter, it’s important for you to be aware of the causes of mold, and know what to do if you find mold.

In New York or New Jersey, please call us for a Mold Investigation If you suspect that you may have a potential mold contamination within your home or workplace. A mold inspection or investigation is a thorough visual look at the home or workplace, particularly any basement, crawl space, and attic areas to identify signs of mold growth, water damage, ventilation and humidity issues. If further investigation is required, further more invasive inspection may be done, but we always guide our clients right along with us.

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