Preparing for your mold inspection

Preparing For Mold Inspection

Preparing for a mold inspection is easy. For proper lab results and readings to be as accurate as possible, certain things are necessary but not required. If you have a mold inspection scheduled, read on for some tips on preparing for it.

Prepare for your mold inspection with these following tips:

  • Don’t ventilate for the inspection date. There is no need to allow for extra ventilation in your attic, basement or home prior to the inspection. In fact, not ventilating can help to keep readings more accurate.
  • Heavy cleaning such as vacuuming and dusting can generate a lot of dust into the indoor air environment. Wait until after your appointment to perform these types of tasks.
  • Lysol, bleach, Ozone and other types of spray agents used to mask smells of mildew shouldn’t be used immediately prior to your appointment. Consider not using these products for a few days before to ensure total accuracy.
  • Turn off all air purifiers, cleaners, humidifiers, etc prior to appointment. These items help to control the humidity or moisture that can hinder our process of understanding the whole picture of your mold problem.
  • During the inspection, no construction work should be performed on the home that could generate dust or other particles into the indoor air environment.

That should do it! If you can follow these simple tips, you’ll get the best results that you can with our mold testing services. It’s pretty easy to prepare for your mold inspection. Don’t hesitate if you have a suspected mold problem in your home. Contact us today!

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