New York NYS Licensed Mold Assessor

Preventing Conflict of Interest

Did you know that the NYS Mold Bill enacted January 1, 2016, helps to prevent conflict of interest? That’s right, the new requirements put into place allow one single company to possess licenses in both assessment and remediation, yet restrict them to perform both services to the same property. 

This bill has really disrupted the industry and in the end, helps the consumer to be protected. The average homeowner, business owner or renter, should know that these protections are in place and be aware of them. If you suspect Mold in your home and call a licensed Assessor, they should not be the ones remediating the mold as well. Don’t let the licenses confuse you! Although they may hold a license for both, they cannot perform both for you, it is a conflict of interest!

At HNST Mold Inspections, we have been busy since the bill was passed prepping for the new change in order to be in compliance with the law since it was enacted just over a year ago. We are proud to be one of New York States Licenced Mold Assessors and look forward to helping you determine the level the Mold issue you’re dealing with so that you can properly remove it.

For more information on the Bill, check out the Mold Program on the Department of Labors website. We also have more information provided on our own website’s New York State Mold Bill page. We are properly trained, licensed and ready to assess your property, call us today!

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