avoid mold in storage units

Avoid Mold In Storage Units

Whether you’re in-between homes, or just need some extra space to stash your belongings, many people turn to storage units to store their extra items. Couches, furniture, boxes and the like are stacked high and forgotten about until someone needs them, or a large enough space is available to use them. But what happens when you get to your storage unit to get your couch and its covered in mold? Read more

mold inspection

Can you Smell Mold?

Every homeowner or parent wants to make sure that their home is the safest for the people residing inside it. Taking extra time to keep up with routine home maintenance, preventing further issues from arising, and keeping everyone inside healthy. When it comes to mold issues, sometimes you may not see the mold, but you should ask the question can you smell mold?  Read more

mold in your basement

Is there Mold in your Basement?

The basement is a dark, generally unventilated and moisture laden area of most homes. In basements, floods happen, pipes are prone to leakage, humidity is usually uncontrolled and air flow is stagnant. These conditions are just perfect for mold to originate and proliferate, in fact, the basement is one of the most common places to find mold.

Although you may run down the stairs to throw in a load of laundry, grab totes out of storage or move unused household items down for storage, how much time do you really spend in your basement? Now is the time to do so, the summer is rapidly heating up, and with all of the rain that Northern New Jersey has been experiencing lately, you should really go do a moisture check in the basement.


  • Go down into your basement and turn on the lights, check for visible mold.
  • Do the smell check! Check for that initial mildew smell when you open the door.
  • Look closely at any plumbing and the materials around it, are they wet or discolored

If you already can see mold in your basement on the walls or carpet, you can bet there is more to be found. For all of the health risks that mold can cause, you want to make sure that you do something now to stop and prevent mold growth in your basement. Although there are many DIY mold killers on the internet, from vinegar to bleach and hydrogen peroxide to boric acid, you should know that all molds are not created equal. These harmful ingredients can also be dangerous to work with both on contact and when inhaled.

Our recommendation is that you find a trusted professional to deal with the problem. Our mold inspection team will inspect and locate the cause or causes of the mold development and can advise on how to best mitigate and whom to call to remove it.

Don’t attempt to take on your basement mold by yourself, employ a professional to test and locate the mold. Call us today for a quote in New York at (845) 215-9258 or in New Jersey at (201)733-0091.