pre-purchase mold inspection

Pre-Purchase Mold Inspection

Homes are selling left and right this time of year, from Newberg, NY to Montclair, NJ, there is no doubt the housing market is hard at work.  Are you one of the people purchasing or selling a home? Then it’s time to schedule your pre-purchase mold inspection. Mold in the home is a common concern for both sides during a home purchase. Just the sight of mold, no matter what kind can make potential buyers change their mind on a home, and possibly affect the resale value.

Choosing to get a mold inspection pre-purchase, will help the seller and the buyer. If mold is found, the seller can take immediate action to get remediation and then provide the buyer with a signed report from an expert showing that the house was found to have no mold or that it has been abated. This is like showing the buyer that your home is “healthy”, and it will go a long way in proving to the buyers that you are diligent and serious about this sale.

For buyers, this pre-purchase mold inspection will help to ensure there are no costly surprises once the purchase is complete and closed. Running into a costly abatement can put extra stress on a home purchase as the buyer is already shelling out a lot of cash for the deal. Having to schedule an abatement could slow down the move-in process if it presents a health hazard as well. Knowing ahead of time that there will not need to be an extra cost or more time involved in this process can be a breath of fresh air for the buyer.

We at HNST Mold Inspections always recommend that any home that is for sale has a pre-purchase mold inspection. Whether you are the buyer or the seller, a mold inspection can help to save you stress, money and disappointment down the road. If you are purchasing or selling a home in Rockland, Bergen or Westchester counties call HNST today for your mold inspection.