Beverly B

Bronx, NY
March 21, 2018

Very professional service. Took a personal interest in our problem.


Bergen County, NJ
March 21, 2018

HNST Mold Inspections was professional, offering suggestions and the report results were received back quickly and information included in the report was totally explained.   I would highly recommend them to all.

Anne C

Westchester County, NY
March 21, 2018

We had discovered a roof leak and were certain our home had been compromised with mold in places only a tiny camera could find. H.N.S.T could have told us we were inundated with mold and mildew and we would have handed them the equivalent of a blank check to remedy the situation. Fortunately, within two days, the test results indicated spore levels were within a normal range. We had no reason to worry. At the time, they were unaware that they were giving us a second opinion, the first company having told us we were riddled with poisonous toxins and recommended invasive and expensive work. John Skelly and H.N.S.T put our fears to rest. We are grateful and found their honesty to be beyond reproach. We recommend them with high praise.

Sue T

Rockland County, NY
March 21, 2018

John came right on time and was very pleasant to work with. He explained everything in detail and spent a good amount of time testing and checking for mold. He did the air sample test, emailed me the results, and was available to explain things to me that did not make sense. He is easy to get a hold of, knowledgeable, and friendly. His price was also very competitive! Since the work was done awhile ago, i cannot exactly recall what i paid but it was very competitive. I would highly recommend him.

Chris C

New York City, NY
March 21, 2018

IF YOU VALUE THE HEALTH OF YOUR FAMILY, DO NOT TRUST OTHER COMPANIES FINDINGS - CALL HNST! after another company cleared my family to move back into our NYC apt after a flood, I called John at HNST to get a second opinion and I couldn't be more grateful that I did. what HNST uncovered & the other so called professional missed was unfathomable. clear visible black mold wasn't evident to me not the other company hired by our apt building, but John uncovered it almost immediately, is incredibly professional, never cuts any corners and most importantly - makes certain your residence will be safe for your family!