Tips For Preventing Mold Growth In The Winter

Protecting your home from mold growth is important year round. There are things you can do during the nicer months such as checking around the exterior and making repairs that help to prevent mold growth. Likewise, there are specific things you can be doing during the colder months to help prevent mold growth. 

Careful Humidification: This time of year, everything tends to be dry and you may find yourself running your humidifiers all day. Use caution when allowing humidifiers to run without checking the levels of humidity in your home. You want to keep your humidity levels between 50-60% in the home in order to discourage mold growth.

Dry Out Wet Areas: You may see condensation forming on windows or pipes this time of year. Be sure to wipe away any wet areas that you see regularly. A simple trick is to run your fan clockwise in order to pull up warm air and circulate it throughout the room. This can help to dry out condensation on surfaces and reduce the risk of mold growth.

Paying careful attention to the humidity levels in your home and keeping any moist areas dry is the best way of preventing mold growth in the winter months. We hope these tips help to keep your home free of mold this winter! Keep checking back to our blog for more tips and tricks to keep mold from growing.

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