Top 10 Mold Facts

Its finally Spring and we know you’d rather be out enjoying all that April has to offer than sitting inside on your computer. We’ll keep this one short and sweet, read on for our top 10 mold facts!

  1. The term “Molds” describes various fungi that cover surfaces and usually produce masses spores.
  2. Mold comes in thousands of different known varieties
  3. Mold growth usually forms on vegetable or animal matter and is generally associated with decay and/or dampness
  4. Mold uses organic matter for energy using its enzymes to break down compounds, it does not use photosynthesis like plants
  5. Mold is helpful to our environment by being an active part in material biodegration (rot and decay) which is necessary for the ecosystem
  6. Mold is genetically similar to yeast
  7. Mold loves humidity and heat
  8. Exposure to mold can result in the same symptoms that seasonal allergies cause
  9. Visible mold should be assessed and removed immediately
  10. Areas of moisture in your home should be assessed and fixed to deter mold growth

Did you know all of those facts? If not, we’ve done our job! If you’re here because you already have a mold issue and aren’t sure what to do next, you’ve come to the right place. At HNST Mold Inspections, we have the experience to guide you through from your first sight of visible mold all the way to the end. Our Independent and New York State Licensed Assessor is waiting for your call right now. Call 845-215-9258 from New York or 201-733-0091 from New Jersey.


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