What training is required of my Licensed Mold Assessor?

Any person who qualifies themselves as an NYS Licensed Mold Assessor must go through training in order to obtain their license. We’ve been asked by our customers what is required and why we must go through this training. Here is a quick glimpse into what is required for NYS Licensed Mold Assessors to obtain their license.

The term Mold Assessment as defined by the NYS Department of Labor (DOL) is as follows: “Mold assessment” means an inspection or assessment of real property that is designed to discover mold, conditions that facilitate moldindication of conditions that are likely to facilitate moldor any combination thereof.” This means that in the case of visible mold or in cases where conditions that facilitate the growth of mold are present, a Mold Assessor comes in to investigate the issues. In New York State, this person must be licensed!

In order to obtain a license to perform this type of assessment, the person must have done the following:

  • Attended an NYS DOL approved Mold course
  • Attend the entire course and pass examination
  • Obtain a certificate of completion
  • Submit an application, application fee and certificate of completion to the DOL
  • Be issued an NYS Mold Assessor License

It is not an easy process, and those who are passionate about Mold and assessment must put time and money into obtaining this level of certification. While we are happy that NYS has risen the bar on this, we wish they would go even further! Requiring minimum work experience is a must in our view and should be a requirement for being licensed.

If you are dealing with a Mold Assessor, or are looking to have your home assessed, don’t work with someone who does not provide you their NYSDOL License number. Be sure to also ask about the persons experience in the business, this is much more valuable than just a license itself.

Our NYSDOL License can be found on the homepage of our website and we look forward to putting our training, education and years of experience to work for you. HNST has completed thousands of residential and commercial mold inspections and has previously completed hundreds of mold remediations. We proudly service both the Bronx and New York City.

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