What Employers Should Know About Mold

What Employers Should Know About Mold

Employers need to act quickly if they find or suspect mold is in their building. Step one is calling a professional mold inspector to perform a mold investigation or inspection. Being responsible for serious health issues is not something to take lightly, and the consequences of hazardous mold exposure can be quite serious.

Employers Should:

  • Rely on a property or building management personnel to identify any issues that can lead to mold including leaking pipes, areas of moisture, etc.
  • Keep up with plumbing maintenance and repairs
  • Keep up with ventilation system maintenance and repair
  • Be aware of employees complaining of common mold exposure symptoms such as extreme fatigue, allergies, respiratory complaints, headaches, etc that only occur in the office environment
  • Call in a Mold Inspector if necessary

If you own a building or property where people work, you won’t keep them safe. In fact, there are even certain requirements by law that need to be met in order to provide a certain code or safety standard requiring it to be free of mold. Therefore, if you see or suspect a mold issue in your building it is important to act now. Call us in New York at (845) 215-9258 or in New Jersey at (201) 733-0091.


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