What to expect from a Mold Test

If you have a suspicion that there is mold in your home or office, you may be researching mold testing, which has brought you here. Welcome! Here at HNST Mold Inspection, information is provided to readers to help them navigate through the confusing and sometimes scary world that mold can be. Let us help you understand how mold testing and inspection work.

When you contact John Skelly, owner, and operator of HNST Mold Inspection, you wont be passed off to the next person. Right from the beginning, John will ask you some questions to determine whether a test is right for you. Once an inspection is scheduled, he will come out to your property to perform a test.

Ask any questions you’d like! John is experienced in Mold and if you have a question, it’s probable he’s heard it before. Don’t be afraid of asking any questions even if they seem unrelated. Mold can be caused by a range of things, and any idea of where it is coming from or problem areas in your home can help.

With all of the information needed, John will begin a thorough inspection of the entire property from the attic to the basement and everywhere in between. Looking for visual mold as well as an indication of water issues that you may not notice. Moisture and humidity levels will be assessed in order to determine if there is a probability that mold can grow in the environment. Samples will then be taken.

Once the results are received from the lab, John will send a report directly through email so that you can see all of the results obtained. Of course, if there are any questions or you need to discuss, John will be there to walk you through to the next step whether it be prevention tips or direction to move for remediation.

Ready to talk to John? You can reach him at 845-215-9258 in New York, or 201-733-0091 in New Jersey.

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